Dendrobium Sa Nook

On kukkinut tammikuun alusta asti, se on todella kestävän oloinen, kukkii minulla nyt toista kertaa. Tässä blogipäivitykseni, kun ostin sen 2.4.2013

9.11.2012: “Two Dutch Dendrobium growers, Rico Fransen of Fransen Orchids and Jos Scheffers of nursery Zeurniet, created their own brand: Sa-nook. Last week, during the 2013 FloraHolland Trade Fair it was introduced to exporters and wholesalers. Sa-nook is a word that is often used in Thailand. It stands for everything that is connected to fun and joy. The Sa-nook varieties have been specially selected and developed for good growing ability in Europe, a long lifespan and an easy (re)flowering in the living room.”

Keskustelupalsta, puikkokämmekkä.